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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sold Out

I am showing these little rusty guys at a gallery in Riverside, Ca. and the sold out the first week. It's very encouraging that in our current economy anything is selling. I assume it's because they were priced right and people are buying for Christmas gifts. I put some of my art work in the gallery too, mostly monoprints and acrylics, but they haven't sold. I did sell four pieces at the Riverside Art Museum in their annual fundraiser. It was wonderful to have someone like my work, and really great to give back to the community. I would have never dreamed I would sell my artwork. Never dreamed I'd ever make art. Isn't life an amazing journey?


Dawn said...

Congratulations on selling your rusty tin men, they are fabulous - not surprised they sold. It is a thrill, I sold a painting this week, my 1st and the thrill is unbelievable, Christmas came early for me x
CONGRATULATIONS on becoming artist of the year, what an achievement!!!
ALL THE BEST keep on doing what you do so well xxxxxxxxx

Cynthia Powell said...

It isn't surprising that these rusty people sold out-they have such charm and so much character about them. It's an awesome collection.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Congratulations! That is really awesome!

Pam McKnight said...


LisaC said...

Congratulations Laura! I can see why they sold, they are adorable. I wish someone would buy me stuff like that... LOL.