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Monday, October 19, 2009

Sold Painting

I had a great time at the Bob Burridge abstracts (acrylic) class in Pasadena, Ca. this past week. I got more information from that class than at any other I have ever taken. He has a free online newsletter that's worth checking out. I was intimidated going in, but he makes it clear that it was supposed to be fun and not to expect a fabulous finished piece. Sets you free to play.

I've been experimenting with watercolor on Yupo and showed my first piece in a juried show. I was thrilled to sell it and got to meet the person who purchased it. It was so cool that she was that excited about it. Just when you think you'll never 'get it', something like this happens.


Ricë said...

congratulations! that's fabulous--great news on a great art day, too~~

Dawn said...

How thrilling for you, well done for firstly showing your work and for selling too... CONGRATULATIONS

(popped over from LTIMMA)

trisha too said...

that's wonderful--congratulations!

Zardo and Odraz said...

Congratulations!! Isn't Bob wonderful. He makes the classes so much fun. We were fortunate to be able to take his Art Marketing class through our community college too.