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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Santa Muerta

After a wonderful day in Palm Springs participating in the Day of the Dead celebration, I was inspired to do my interpretation of Santa Muerta, Saint Death. I saw a film about her at the Palm Springs Art Museum. There's cult, not approved by the church in Tepito, a crime ridden area of Mexico City. It's poverty stricken , full of drug users and dealers, prositutes, and all manner of 'diviant' folks. Very poor people who cannot afford health care, pray to her for healing, prostitutes petition they won't get aids, drug dealers ask for a non-violent death. They believe that Saint Death is more approachable than their other favorite saint, Guadalupe. It's an interesting concept, assuming we will all meet Santa Muerta eventually. The shrines built in her honor are filled with cigarettes and cigars, tequila or whisky, flowers, food, etc. My concept of her is a bit more humorous although pretty scary. I'm not sure why I was so taken with Santa Muerta, whether the fascination with the macabre or the compassion I felt for the people of Tepito, but I had to do this painting.
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Plain Jane said...

I love dia de los muertos, but hadn't heard of saint muertos. Cool portrait. And the palm springs event sounds fun. Maybe next year.
Jane from the art unraveled list

Long Black Eyelahes said...

Hey, its great! I REALLY LOVE it. you captured it how i see it too, and beautiful at the same time. Angelica