Sketchbook Challenge

Friday, July 11, 2008

Chemo Bag

My friend Teresa is undergoing the most aggressive chemotherapy a body can handle. She has an IV for several hours at the hospital and wears a pump for another 46 hours. Teresa was having difficulty with the idea of wearing this bag and called it her ball and chain. We decided to decorate it and make a piece of art out of it. Her bag is the talk of the chemo dept. now, and it gives her a little bit of control over her life. If you know anyone going through this type of chemo, please let them know the ball and chain can be transformed to art.


Mo said...

I was sent your link by a friend of mine who watched me go thru chemo & radiation, but nothing like what your friend is going thru. She is blessed to have a friend like you to help make something difficult a little bit easier (and very alive with color! A very important message to carry around!). I will save this idea for someone else who might need brightened up. Thanks so much. ~ Mo ( & p.s. congratulations on being published! GREAT shoe!

Willow said...

I was reading your e-mail about your being published...Congrats!! I just decided to click on your blog and WOW!! How awesome is your friend's chemo bag. Dealing with cancer is such a devastating, draining experience...but now everytime she looks at that bag, or talks about it, or feels it next to her, she will know how much she is loved!!! What a precious gift to give her!!! So glad I clicked on over!!