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Friday, December 7, 2007

Monotype with Acrylic

Last year I took a five day workshop with Ron Pokrasso. It was my first time trying monotype and I had a mini-meltdown halfway through. I was told it was normal when being in creative mode for that length of time. Each day was eight hours, several days were longer. I was used to fun classes like Art Unraveled where everyone chats and admires everyone else's work. The workshop attendees were 'working' artists and were all experienced. I learned some valuable lessons there. Not all artists want to play and not all players are artists! Aha! I hope to take more workshops with Ron. Something about his work really captures my heart.

I took one of my prints from his workshop and had it framed. It looks pretty cool after putting it away for a while. We used Akua (soy-based) inks in the workshop. This print combines chine collete (collage) and acrylic paint. I wasn't sure if the acrylic would hold up with the Akua inks but it worked well. I'm going to enter it at our local Art Association to see what kind of response I might get. I'm new to the Association, but I would expect someone there is interested in printing and I hope to meet him/her.

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